Definisi SAP Goods Movement

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Co Pas dari MM training module, refresh dulu dari teknikal 🙂

Goods movements include both external”and internal movements. In general, a transaction that causes a stock change is marked as a goods movement. You can distinguish between goods receipts, goods issues, stock transfers, and transfer postings.

 A goods receipt (GR) is a goods movement in which the receipt of goods from both an external vendor and from production is posted. A goods receipt leads to an increase of warehouse stock.

A goods issue (GI) is a goods movement in which a material withdrawal, goods issue, material consumption, or goods shipment is posted to a customer. A goods issue leads to a decrease of warehouse stock.

A stock transfer is removal of materials from a particular storage location and placement into another storage location. Stock transfers can take place both within the same plant and between two plants.

A transfer posting is a superordinate term for stock transfers and changes the stock identification or qualification of a material, regardless of whether the posting is linked to a physical movement or not. Examples of a transfer posting include the release of the stock for quality inspection, the transfer posting from material to material, or the transfer of consignment material.

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